Welcome to Eaglerise Farm, Australia.

 The Farm

Eaglerise Farm is a 100ha, working Agroecological modelled, multi-enterprise farm, growing food for our local communities in southern NSW and NE  Victoria, Australia.

We purchased Eaglerise Farm in 2000, as an extremely degraded, conventional merino farm. It was a single paddock without any improvements. Our vision has developed since, but, under the leadership of the whole management team, we have always sought solutions to our farm design via

  • Agroecology,
  • Regenerative Agriculture,
  • Permaculture
  • Natural sequence farming
  • Keyline, and
  • Organic Farming

design paradigms. We have melded these to form the core of Eaglerise Farm’s design parameters. We have combined their principles and incorporated our own views of ecological food production. This is a lifelong process that we improve on as we expand our deeper knowledge. It has been a fascinating and intriguing journey. Our multiple destinations, and time frames for reaching them, are still unclear!

Eaglerise Farm generally, has a south-facing hillside with poor gneiss soils. It is on rising country with an increase in elevation of 120m from the lowest point at the front gate, to the highest (520m). We discuss more of the elements that make up Eaglerise Farm, Mullengandra, Australia below.

Respecting our Forebears

Eaglerise Farm is on Wiradjuri land. We acknowledge that the current concept of owning land is a false construct and that we are simply the current inhabitants, responsible for caring for and maintaining this particular place. We thank our First Nation people for protecting this country. We appreciate the actions of all the previous land managers and we are open to constructive comment and direction. We acknowledge that the sovereignty of the First Nations People of the continent now known as Australia was never ceded by treaty nor in any other way. We acknowledge these traditional, ecological custodians of this land and we pay respect to their culture and kinship. We welcome you all – ngadhu nginyalgir gawaymbanhadhu.

Keeping it honest

In our efforts to be transparent, we’ll be continually updating the information on this site. We feel a strong social commitment to demonstrate how we produce food and, how we think about producing food and managing the landscape. We invite you to read on, or, to find out more about us, go directly to our “connect with us” at the bottom of this page and call us to find out more about Agroecology and Regenerative Agriculture in Australia or our farm products and services.


Read our Introduction to Eaglerise Farm page.