Biodiversity at Eaglerise Farm

Biodiversity is paramount to the Eaglerise Farm design. It is included in our philosophies and can be seen throughout the farm.

The ecology in agroecology dictates a broad array of biodiversity. Regenerative agriculture is not regenerative without biodiversity enhancing the agricultural productivity. The permanence in permaculture cannot exist without biodiversity supporting the system, and, the organic standards outline a minimum of 5% of the farm be devoted to native ecosystems.

Our farm biodiversity can be outlined in four streams. Wildlife biodiversity – animal and birdlife, paddock biodiversity – soil biology and pasture species; revegetation biodiversity. 


The Bird Story

Revegetation has enhanced our bird populations.

Read their story here. 


Revegetation over the farm.

We have planted 20,000 since 2000. Native trees for enhancing native fauna and flora. Wind breaks, buffer zones and shade enhance the economic productivity of Eaglerise Farm.

Read our story here. 

Local, Native Fauna

Native animals have had their habitat enhanced with our fencing strategy.

See where we have identified native animals here.


The Thrill of Reptiles

Reptiles are our mostly hidden asset.

Read their story here


Eaglerise Soil

Soil biology is the key to our pasture productivity.

We describe our management here.


Lady bird larvae and beetles. Biological farming

Insects, Spiders and Mites

Here we have some intriguing video and photos of the smaller members of our ecosystem


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