Eaglerise Farm Mission


Our mission is to establish a reflective, aesthetically productive ecosystem that includes and captivates all that interact in its perpetual narrative. A system that leads best practice for food security and nutrition.

  • How are we going to get there?
  • Where will the journey take us?
  • How will we know when we are there?

We have developed a series of farm philosophies to enable and support our journey. When making decisions we focus on the quintuple bottom line: environment, productivity, society, economics and our spiritual welfare and enjoyment. This translates into decisions and actions considered from a diversity of angles and perspectives.

These philosophies help us remain true to our mission. They act as rational checks and balances of our life management decisions and reduce the likelihood of decision-making being overtaken by ego. Ego can misdirect the decision-making process, especially when there is conflict between emotion and rational reasoning.

  1. Farm Production
  • Produce a diverse range of enterprises
  • Produce a diverse range of organic food for our animals
  • Have this diversity interacting within itself
  • Continue investigating new enterprises
  1. Social
  • Produce a diverse range of organic food for ourselves and our consumers
  • Provide a farming possibility/experience for families unable to purchase a farm, in perpetuity
  • Add to local food security, nutrition, consumption and social health
  • Support those less able.
  1. Economic
  • Earn a realistic living from the farm to support our lifestyle
  • Scale up our production to provide a realistic living for Eaglerise Farm employees.
  1. Introspective
  • Be happy, content and connected
  • Live sustainably and self-sufficiently
  • Peace and serenity abound.

5. Environmental

  • Improve the environmental aspects of the farm
  • Increase populations of all species
  • Design and implement more habitat to encourage previous species to return.


There are challenges to adopting these philosophies. Each time we transgress, there is a consequence. Our task includes calculating these consequences and determining the ecological cost of our decision. Sometimes, we accept a short-term gain for a long-term loss. These are generally economically driven decisions. Unfortunately, economic sustainability finances our environmental achievements.

All philosophies impact on the sustainability and growth of our farm ecosystem if not followed. Many of our philosophies overlap. This is the result of attempting to define a living ecosystem with narrow descriptors.



Not all animals graze or are necessarily productive economically


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