Philosophy 5 – Appreciate the aesthetics


If we work in a pleasant environment, then our productivity will reflect this. For us, a pleasant environment includes flowers. When flowers increase biodiversity, they provide increased habitat for predatory wasps and, another income stream as cut flowers. So, from this simple idea of appreciating the aesthetics, we have positive social outcomes, ecological outcomes, production outcomes and economic outcomes.

It is vital that we “take time to smell the roses”. We incorporate and design “rest and relaxation” areas within the farm landscape. These also provide the opportunity to see what we are looking at and strengthens our connectedness to the farm. As the farm moves along its succession pathway and we have a broarder community living and working at Eaglerise Farm, these quiet spaces will provide a haven of personal space, ideal for reflection and revigoration.

A beautiful farm environment will allow us to engage our customers in visiting the farm, having weddings/birthdays here, utilising our B&B facility etc. This will provide another income stream that will reduce the economic pressure on our farm production levels.

The whole Eaglerise Farm community needs to appreciate the aesthetics.


Goal: Achieving philosophy – Appreciate the aesthetics

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