Philosophy 6 – Accept our limitations and appreciate our accomplishments


We can only do so much. We need to age with acceptance and not exhaust our personal or physical energy. We need to maintain external interests to maintain internal energy. There are some simple concepts to follow here:

  • Be happy, content and connected to the farm ecosystem
  • Take the time to stop. Enjoy daylight savings, with a glass of wine
  • Plan picnics
  • Enjoy the wildlife
  • Walk around the farm
  • Practice gratitude daily
  • Reflect on our accomplishments and dream of the future

“I know when I’ll be successful. It will be when I hear my grandchildren argue about who will spend the day with Grandpa” Joel Salatin, 2011

We also appreciate the limitations of the farm itself. We farm within the farm rather than forcing the farm ecosystem processes beyond their potential. We can only produce what we can produce. We need to balance and accept the differences between our wants and our needs. 


These are before and after photos that demonstrate the impact we are having on our ecosystem. They clearly show that when we purchased the farm there was only one tree in this frame. We planted 2000 in the further valley and revegetated the two gullies in the foreground and the middle of the picture. Photo points are an extremely rewarding way to appreciate the accomplishments on the farm.



Goal: Achieving philosophy – Accept our limitations and appreciate accomplishments

Read Philosophy 7 – Respect our forebears and local knowledge.

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