Many people have encouraged and supported us along the farm development and this web-site journey. Many have provided emotional support. Some have provided encouragement. There are others that have been inspirational in their own endeavors, especially when we have found them to coincide with our own vision and goals.

I must start with my son, Mitch. Mitch grew up waiting for me to develop our farm. Fortunately, in later years, we managed to leave the farm and do some travel before I lost him in an accident in Canada.

Alongside Mitch, I must thank my wife and partner, Allysa. She has been patient as I explain the intricacies of web development and, having studied and consulted in Organic Farming, she has also been a reliable sounding board for extreme and alternate farming systems ideas. Her passion for social justice ensures we have an inclusive site.

I must also extend thanks to all my students. Having taught regenerative agriculture, permaculture and organic farming for over three decades has afforded me a variety of personalities with many differing views. The discussions with my students have motivated me to document my thoughts within these pages.

The web site would not have developed without the support and advice from David Trees. I disturbed many evening dinners with my calls and questions about web pages.

The Unaware Contributors

Then there are those who are not aware of their impact. Many of these are listed in our interpretation page:

Steven Gliessman for his role in developing and promoting agroecology and for his generous time when we were fortunate to meet him over an extended breakfast and received his enthusiastic support for our farming system.

Stuart Hill for his deep insights into social ecology and permaculture. Stuart has always been able to pen our thoughts and more. He has caused us to rethink many of our early ideas.

Mark Shepard for his book, “Restoration Agriculture”. An inspiring read.

Miguel Alteri for his development and papers regarding agroecology.

Will Harris, of White Oak Pastures, for developing a mirror system on a much larger, commercial scale, and demonstrating the ecological and economic possibilities of diversification. It is always very encouraging to see that someone else has had the same vision and has reached it on a large, economic scale.

David Holmgren and Bill Mollison for their insight into food production and social development when they developed permaculture,

Tony Cootes for his persistent and tireless endeavors to promote ecological farming systems in Australia. The loss of Tony was a loss to all ecological food produces, not just his passion – The Mulloon Institute.

and, one of my favorites , Vandana Shiva for a lifetime of activism for ecological farming and social justice. Her enthusiasm is contagious. She is able to deliver even her most pessimistic issues with an optimistic buoyancy.

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