Philosophy 14 – Earn a realistic living from the farm to support our lifestyle


Identify the enterprises that can earn an income. This may be tangible or intangible! Loss leaders are also acceptable.

Understand what income we require. In the words of Dr Dan Bairo from Pito Clinic East Timor, ‘the goal is to extricate ourselves from the middle class’. Reduce Status Anxiety, the reliance on capitalism and the drive to ‘acquire’, identify and understand this emotion is false. Reduce our “needs” accordingly, aim to live a capitalistic ‘frugal’ life, but understand this is a connected and holistic life. Our “wants” must be evaluated and attainable without undue detriment to our ecosystem.

For Eaglerise Farm, this means being a retail farmer not a commodity farmer. This also ticks many of the boxes for our other farm philosophies. We get full retail value of our produce. This enables us to design and manage the farm to produce what we need to produce, not, whatever we can.






There a number of Farmers Markets we attend. Markets, like the one’s in Albury N.S.W, provide us with some of our income. They are a great place to network, learn and connect off farm. Networking, selling produce and being in the publich eye is part of how we earn a realistic income to support our lifestyle.

We also run mentoring programs and one on one training sessions.


Goal: Achieving philosophy – Earn a realistic living from the farm to support our lifestyle

Read Philosophy 15 – Manage rather than control.

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