As an introduction, here’s some photos of the reptiles we have seen at Eaglerise Farm.

One of our many Goannas. They often climb the trees looking for nests in the hollows. All part of the cycle of life. This tree is the one behind me in the video. It is very likely that this is the animal that made the tracks.

Here is one of our Blue Tongue Lizards. This one is the common or Eastern Blue-tongue Lizard (Tiliqua scincoides scincoides). They comprise the genus Tiliqua, and are classified as skinks. We don’t see a lot of these guys. They tend to live within our revegetated areas where we have supplied much habitat for them.

Sometimes we find these eggs after they have been cleaned out of their nest. We are assuming a reptile but have yet to determine what. The current thought is that they come from a lizard, possibly a Thick-Tailed Gecko, Underwoodisaurus milli. Some females of gecko species lay two eggs in communal nests. Some in termite hills too. These eggs have been cleaned out of an bull-ant nest.

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