Philosophy 13 – Allow all life to exhibit natural instincts


Animals are to express their natural behaviours within family and social groups. Accepting an animal’s or plant’s natural place in their respective ecosystem allows us to manage our farm to cater for their requirements. This can be as simple as providing an appropriate number of roosters to provide a natural safety net, social structure for our hens.


Our animals have herding/flock instincts. We employ slow, practical movements of grazing animals. When they go on their final journey, their “mystery tour”, they are never alone.


An exception to this rule is the use of canines. Although a natural ecosystem element, and grazing ecosystems have evolved with predators, we do not use dogs in a predator/work role. We use Maremma guardian dogs and alpacas as natural fox deterrents.




Pigs in the paddock, co-habiting with other native fauna without damage or issue. This space allows pigs to be stress free, clean and enjoy themselves. This is a wonderful example of allowing ALL life to exhibit natural instincts.







How do Echidna’s take a bath?

Have you seen an Echidna swimming on a hot day?

If we do not allow all life to exhibit its natural instincts, taking the time to observe them in their natural habitats, we will never know nor understand. How wonderful taking time to be amazed is!

Do you agree?


Goal: Achieving philosophy – Allow all life to exhibit natural instincts

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