Philosophies Summary.


These are our agreed philosophies and we review them constantly. All management decisions must conform with these. That is the theory. Unfortunately, it can be extremely difficult to comply. It is vital that we consider the consequence of veering off our ethics. There is always a consequence and we must accept responsibility for them.


There are many examples of this. We cannot completely ignore plastics. We do not use styrene trays for our meat but is still get packaged in cryovac bags. We try to recycle what we can. But there is still some that get “Thrown Away”. It is always important to remind ourselves, there is no such place as “away”!!!!! We plan to take responsibility for this plastic consumption by purchasing some recycled, long-term plastic product. This could be plastic fencing material or a recycled plastic picnic bench seat.


We still use fossil fuels. We compensate for this by planting trees. We have planted about 20,000 since buying the farm. We feel that we are carbon positive and work hard to maintain this.


The property has been Certified Organic under Organic Growers of Australia (OGA). Certification provides a framework to ‘grow organically’, that is, the standards and rules have already been worked out. By referring to the Standards we do not need to do the research ourselves.

The OGA system has been discontinued. We are currently Wholistically Organic. Growing organically presupposes that the food we grow must be of good quality, healthy etc. We use a refractometer to verify the nutrient density of our fruit and vegetables.



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